Motor cars of the 1920s.

The site is to support the cars and their owners and operators. These vehicles were made by the companies Gwynnes Engineering and later on Gwynne Cars Ltd. Strictly Gwynne-Albert should be the name of the site, but Gwynne helps the Gwynne and Albert owners and albert.info was not available at the time of setting up this site.

Please contact geoff@gwynne.info with any questions or information you can make available to the site.

Advice about the cars on their maintenance.

Services available to support and carry out work on the cars.

History of the cars.

Cars themselves, photos.

Drawings of some components and general arrangement.

GwynneFormation is the newsletter circulated amongst Gwynne and Albert owners and other interested parties.

Gwynne and Albert Register, c/o Ian Walker, 8 Baines Lane, Knebworth, Herts SG3 6RA, tel:+44 14 38 81 20 41.


Ian McConville, ausgwynne@bigfoot.com. Ian is a resident of Victoria.